About Tresors Blancs
The Meaning of "Trésors Blancs," Breeding Goals/Philosophies, and Background.
So You Think You Want A Puppy/Dog?-- The Right Way To Start
Initial "Steps" To Follow to See if You Should Get a Dog and How To Begin Your Search.
Thinking About Getting A Bichon Frise?
If You Think You are Interested In Getting a Bichon, Here are Some Things To Consider.
What To Look For In and How To Find A Bichon Breeder
Characteristics and Practices of a Reputable Bichon Breeder ("According to Steven") and Where To Begin Your Search for a Bichon Breeder.
Thinking About Breeding Your Dog?
Please Read This if You are Wanting to Breed Your Dog.
Tresors Blancs: Availability of Puppies / Rescues
Current Availability of Puppies and Rescues from Tresors Blancs.
Bichon Frise & Dog Information: Books, Videos, Cards, etc., on Bichons, General Dog, Rescue/Shelter, Behavior/Training, Housetraining, Health, Breeding, Agility, etc.
Support the Bichon ResQ Web site by purchasing items and more from  All the Information you need to be an Informed Buyer or Owner.
Bichon Frise: Recommended Grooming Items, Kennels, Leads, Toys, Bones, etc.
Various Items that an Owner Should Have To Groom and Maintain a Bichon. Should Be Especially Helpful for the New Owner.
Texas All-Breed & Bichon Specialty Shows
Bichon Frise Pictures: Shandon & Beginning
Bichon Frise Pictures: Bestla
Bichon Frise Pictures: Yukon
Tresors Blancs Latest Champion (2002)
Bichon Frise Picture (Fun!): "A Whole New Meaning to Bred-By-Exhibitor"
United States Bichon Frise Standard
"Unofficial" Version of the U.S. Bichon Frise Standard. This is the "blueprint" of an ideal Bichon specimen.
Heartfelt Impressions Cards & Gifts
Wonderful Bichon Cards and Gifts by Patty Burke.  A Must See!
Bichon & Other Dog Related Jewelry
You Want Bichon or other Dog Related Jewelry? Well, Here is the Best!
Recommended Austin, TX Pet Services: Veterinarians, Groomers
Here is the Veterinarians I recommend in Austin and "sort of " a recommendation for Groomers.
Homemade Dog Food


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