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While I anticipated a litter in late 2003, it now does not appear that I will be breeding in the near future.  You can check back to this website for updates.  Please read further below about finding another Texas or other breeder. 

I generally sell my puppies for approximately $1,000-$1,200.  Also, generally I do not place my puppies in homes that are located at significant distances from mine.  There may be some flexibility concerning this, especially if one is experienced with dogs and is willing to show the potential show puppies. 

I have created a Breeder Application that can be printed out. This is .pdf format and you need Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat Reader:

Click Here to download free Acrobat Reader

{Here is a Microsoft Word (.doc) format:
Breeder Application
or Here is HTML format:
Breeder Application }

Feel free to print, complete, and mail it to me or to other breeders.

On these web pages, I believe I have given you all the resources that you need to find a puppy or dog, but it may take some patience on your part if you want to "do it right."   I have provided direction as to how to determine if you should have a dog (So You Think You Want A Puppy/Dog?--The Right Way To Start), if a Bichon is right for you (Thinking About Getting A Bichon Frise?), and how to find a Bichon breeder (What To Look For In and How To Find A Bichon Breeder and So You Think You Want A Puppy/Dog?--The Right Way To Start).

 You should make sure you have read these carefully !

If you are located in Texas, there is a Houston Bichon Frise Club and a Dallas Bichon Frise Club. There are two contact people that I refer people to:

Edna Johnson
Phone: 713-467-6739

Barbara Barton
Phone: 972-422-1231

You also may want to attend an All-Breed or Bichon Specialty Show: Texas All-Breed & Bichon Specialty Shows.  About a week before an All-Breed Show you can determine whether or not there will be any Bichons entered at the Show by going to the Superintendents (Onofrio) web page and looking up the Breed entries.  

If you are located outside Texas, the aforementioned pages should "set you on your way."

Availability of Rescues

General: Presently I only get a few a each year, Thank God !  I do know that some Bichons end up at Town Lake Animal Shelter here in Austin and they usually are placed.   So you may want to periodically go down there and check with them.

But when I am made aware of Rescues, it is usually at a moments notice and I need to work hard to place them in appropriate homes as soon as possible.

So, if you are interested in a rescued Bichon, please go to the Bichon Rescue Web site for more information: Bichon ResQ.  On that site there are procedures to be considered for a Guardian.  Also there is a link to a Rescue Application that you can print out and complete and send to a Rescue Volunteer.  If you live in or around the Austin area, complete a "Rescue" application and mail it to me to keep on file (Do NOT send me the "Breeder" application above if you may be interested in a rescue) so that when one becomes available I can consider you when I review the applications:

Steven Williams
**** E Yager Ln Unit 124
Austin, TX 78753-7042

Please Note:  In general, I do not place rescues in homes
that are located at significant distances from mine.
I believe I need to be "close" in case
it does
not work out.

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