CH Roca's Shandon Of Woodway
CH Keleb Racer of Norose x
CH Woodway Waterford De Baudier

Shandon was our first champion. Out of her first litter of 4, she had 1 finished
champion (2 littermates were pointed). Out of her second (and last)
litter of 3, she had 1 finished champion, Bestla, (1 littermate was pointed).

The Beginning Nikki & Truffles
On the right is "Truffles"--our first Bichon. I got her in 1985. She passed
 in 1995. On the left is "Nikki" --one of Truffles' offspring.
She passed in 2001.  Neither of these were show dogs,
as I did not even know what a "Dog Show" was when I got Truffles.
Boy, I never thought I would say this, but my grooming
actually has improved from those days....
Can you guess who the puppy "ham" in the middle is?

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