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I have fed my Bichons the same premium dry dog food for years and I never had any skin problems and they appeared to always be healthy.  However, the company that made the food I fed my Bichons was bought by a big conglomerate.  I did not notice any change in the food or the way my dogs tolerated it, but I had thought several times: "I bet the way the food is made has changed.  Where would the efficiencies have come from, if the company did not change the way it made food?" At that time, I had intentions of doing more research and possibly changing to a different food, but never got around to it.

Previous to this time, for over a period of a year or so, a breeder friend of mine had really been pestering me to try the food to which she switched her Bichons.  She felt it was a great food and natural.  It was Flint River Ranch Super Premium Dog Food.  Again, I just did not get around to it and never really looked into it.

Then, when I was at the Bichon World Congress in 1998, one of the speakers was asked several questions about healthy foods and she mentioned Flint River Ranch.  The "bells went off" and I decided I should finally check into this food.

Well, after reading the brochures, I was incredibly impressed by the ingredients in the food, the lack of chemical preservatives, and the way it is made: twice oven-baked.

Needless to say, I have switched all my Bichons to Flint River Ranch food and my puppies too.

Flint River Ranch is generally not sold in stores.  You can buy from independent distributors or direct from the company in California (and I actually think it is easier direct from the company).  There is no difference in price if you buy from a distributor or direct from the company.  Because of the way it is made and the lack of chemical preservatives, it only has a "shelf life" of about 6 months.

One GREAT CONVENIENCE is the food is dropped shipped (UPS) right to your front door and you do not pay extra for shipping (unless you order less than $8.50).   I have mine set-up on an automatic cycle where they ship to my home every "so many days."  It is WONDERFUL NOT having to go shopping for my dog food any more!

Because the food is generally not sold in stores, the company basically advertises through word of mouth "distributors."

You may have noticed that Tresors Flint River is indicated as an independent distributor.  I did not "get into this" and am not recommending this food and treats for money!  I switched my Bichons to them and was very pleased...so my Bichons were already on it.  But, when I read the other brochures and marketing plan from Flint River Ranch, I noticed that if you order at least 100 PV (personal volume) in a calendar month, which is about 100 lbs. and you are signed-up as an Associate (distributor), then you do get a small percentage (a few dollars) back from Flint River.  So this brings the slightly higher cost of this super premium food back down to about what I was paying for the other premium food I had been feeding.   So I thought,  why not sign up as an Associate distributor if I was feeding the food anyway and if I would be telling others about it?

You do NOT need to sign up as an Associate Distributor to order the food.  In fact, unless you (and the people to whom you might refer the food) are not going to order 100 PV/calendar month...then why waste the time to fill out the Associate Distributor information? You can just order your food from Flint River Ranch and keep ordering it.  But if, after you try it, you find yourself hooked on the food like I did, then you may want to sign up as an Associate.  This is especially true if you order large quantities of dog food (100 PV a month or more) or if you think you might be telling others about it (where your monthly order and theirs will eventually be a 100 PV a month or more).

I know this sounds like a "sell," but if you are looking to try some different food for your dogs, then I highly recommend that you try Flint River Ranch.  I recommend you try it for at least two months as that is about how long it will take to notice any changes in your dog, its coat and if you were having any  "problems" with your previous dog food.  As with any of the foods available, if you were having problems with your previous food, you could also have some problems with Flint River Ranch because of specific allergies of your dog (UPDATE: Flint River Ranch now has a NEW FOOD: Trout - Potato "Fish/ Chips" for Food-Sensitive dogs.  Also, Flint River Ranch has a Lamb - Millet - Rice food).  But...You really have nothing to lose!  You can always go back to your other food or try something else.  (I wouldn't though!)

The food is a little higher in price, but remember it is shipped right to your home and I believe it is worth a few more dollars to be feeding my Bichons the best !

To Read More about the foods and treats including ingredients:

To See The Various Varieties, Sizes and Treats & To Order, I have set-up two forms that you can print and use to call, fax or mail in your order to Flint River Ranch: FLINT RIVER RANCH DOG & CAT FOOD ORDER FORMS

If you do order, I would appreciate if you would provide my (distributor referral number) FRR#: PB65.  Hey... it is not going to make the food you order any more expensive and I did do the work of putting this information on my web site for you.  After you make your first order you will get your own FRR# and will use that when you reorder.

Associate Distributor Information:
If you think you will be ordering enough food each month and want to sign up as an Associate to be able to get back a small percentage of your purchases and the purchases of others you inform about Flint River Ranch food and treats, I have set-up a form that you can print and fax or mail to Flint River: FLINT RIVER RANCH ASSOCIATE APPLICATION AGREEMENT .  Remember, currently you and others who will use your FRR ID # (once you get one) will have to purchase a minimum of 100 PV in any calendar month for you to get the small percentage back in a form of a check from Flint River Ranch.  Currently, there is also an
annual $25 associate fee (depending at what time of the year you become an associate you may not have to pay this initially).  After you sign up as an Associate, when you tell others about Flint River they will then use your FRR#.  Again, I did not "get into" this to sell food and treats, I am using it for my own Bichons and if you and your dogs like them too, you will probably tell others about it.

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